About Heart Story

Áine ÓrgaIt is my mission to help you hear your inner voice, and embrace your inner passion and heart’s desire.

Have you ever felt totally unsure of your way forward – in your relationships, with your career, or with your spiritual or creative expression? Have you felt as though there is something within you that is not being expressed or having room to grow, but you’re not exactly sure what it is? Have you turned away from religion but feel a yearning for a spiritual connection?

Are you struggling to find and live your passion?

I can offer you a helping hand. My Tarot readings focus on your spiritual and personal development. I offer set Tarot spreads that can help you unlock your potential. These focus on many areas of life and spirituality; including love, life purpose, your spiritual connection, inner work, getting unstuck, and the wheel of the year. I also offer personalised Tarot spreads, and participatory Tarot readings.

My journey with Tarot has been instrumental to connecting to my Heart Story, and developing my spirituality. Offering Tarot readings to others is the most direct and personal way that I can impart my love, empathy, and experience.

How will getting a Tarot reading help you strengthen your inner voice?

A Tarot reading from me will help you plug back into your inner world.

In today’s society, it is too easy for our heart’s story to be stifled. We remove ourselves from our connection to nature and the transpersonal, and we live our lives based on the expectations we have grown up with. We become totally removed from the mythology of the heart – the complex stories that make up our personal authentic understandings of the universe, our lives, and our Selves.

We all go through this at various points in our lives, and some of us struggle with it more than others. I went through many years of vague discontentment and unhappiness, struggling to make myself happy and make things fit. But it wasn’t until I started to be truly honest with myself, and allow my intuition to speak, that things started to fall into place.

A Heart Story Tarot reading will help you clear your mental and emotional debris. It will give you the tools you need to get clear and strong in your personal power.

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I sincerely hope that you find Heart Story to helpful and nurturing to you on your personal or spiritual journey. Much love ~ Áine Órga


Have a question, or want to strike up a conversation? Email me at aine.orga(at)heartstory.org