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July 3, 2015

foundation stones

When I first restarted a spiritual practice, my greatest aims were to achieve a sense of connection and reverence. I had a deep desire to be able to tap into an altered state of consciousness at will; to experience bliss and union at every ritual.

For a long time, I didn’t think I was really making much improvement or achieving these goals. I became comfortable with the idea that usually, rituals don’t feel the way I wanted them to feel. At times I lost faith in achieving that feeling I so yearned for.

But last night I realised that change has wound itself into my spirituality so gradually I hardly noticed it. I realised that every time I sit before my altar these days, I feel something. And perhaps half of the time, when I sit to do my evening devotionals and meditation, if I can allow myself to relax and focus, I fall into that state of reverence and communion that five years ago I had only briefly glimpsed.

That’s the funny thing about emotional change, subjective change. Sometimes you don’t feel it sneaking up on you. If you get caught up in a particular belief about yourself, you will continue to buy into that belief for as long as there is any evidence to support it.

This has been the case with my general happiness, too. Developing my own spiritual practice was the first step I took, followed by many other changes, towards becoming a happier person. But because I am not completely happy, or happy all the time – because I still get tired, and sick, and feel hopelessness and despair – I often lose sight of just how much happier I am today than I was five or even two or three years ago. It’s often not until someone else in my life comments on it that I really see the changes.

So the next time you catch yourself thinking that what you’re doing is pointless, that you’re not getting anywhere, that you’re still x, y, or z – take a moment to ask yourself if this is really true. Take yourself back to an earlier time, really relive it and remember what it felt like. Find at least one way in which things have improved or strengthened for you. Acknowledge, it, be proud of it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. But if you keep laying those bricks, something is going to grow. You might look at that wall day to day and think – it’s just a wall, just like it was four months or four years ago. But you know what? There was no wall before you started laying those bricks. And some day you’ll turn a corner and realise that it’s not just a wall, it’s a bloody beautiful house.

July 2, 2015

More thoughts on my evolution as a Tarot reader.

June 19, 2015


I have been drawn to magic and witchcraft since childhood. While I quickly became entranced in the religious aspects of Neo-Paganism when I discovered it in my mid-teens, I had stumbled upon its existence through witchcraft, not through seeking a religious path. Most of all, I wanted to know if it could possibly be true – that supernatural powers were a reality and something I could learn and harness.

My resounding conclusion has rather sadly been no – at least not in the way I spent much of my childhood hoping for. But even after I had extricated my spirituality from magical thinking and discovered that it could stand strong without it, I continued to be drawn again and again to magic and the occult.

June 16, 2015

Sharing some thoughts and ideas that I’ve had about the Shaman’s Oracle deck as I’ve worked with it and delved into the meaning of the five tribes and their symbolism.

June 12, 2015


Thinking about Tarot sets my heart free.

There is something about its closed and yet utterly liberating system that speaks my language. I really, really like lists and categories and feeling like I’ve just nailed the meaning of something. Tarot offers me some of that, the satisfaction of drawing together correspondences and making sense of the traditional meanings of the cards.

But the ultimate meaning of each card feels tantalisingly close, and yet always dances away from my fingertips. Their deep archetypal meanings resist perfect conscious understanding. This frustrates me, and also keeps me on my never-ending Tarot quest. But also, it reigns in the destructive aspects of my need to control and contain.

Re-immersing myself in Tarot study recently has shone a new light on some of these controlling tendencies in myself, particularly in relation to Tarot itself as a valid tool for healing and self-development.

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Thank you again Áine. I very much enjoyed receiving the much needed direction and ideas you put forward in this 4-part reading. This has helped me think more deeply and and become more focused on what is important to me on my spiritual journey. Now for some action on my part and then I will be back to experience and enjoy some of your other spiritual mentoring :)
Áine's reading was insightful and meaningful. I could feel the love coming through in each carefully chosen word. What she had to say was true and real for my life and my situation, and I have made good use of her very concrete and helpful suggestions in moving forward in this situation. Sensitivity and a loving spirit know no physical distance or boundaries. I will surely be contacting Áine in the future. If you are thinking about having a reading done by her...please do not hesitate. A profound experience.
This reading was amazing! I absolutely love this format of tarot reading - this is a really unique service! I asked a question and then she did the initial reading which was very thorough. After I processed the first part of the reading, I emailed her back with thoughts and questions. This went on for 3 days! This reading really helped me with the issue because I was able to participate with the reading and bring my higher self into it as well. Áine really knows her stuff and offers a heartfelt reading that really helps you move back blockages and resistance. I highly recommend this reading for anyone for any issue or question!
This participatory reading has been incredibly helpful and inspiring. Áine has a true gift and she does indeed write for the heart, from the heart. She is also quite gracious when her querent is a bit forgetful. :) Thanks so much.
This is great! Nice readings, a lot of empathy and she really listens to your replies!
Áine's thoughts and interpretations were wonderfully apt, often spine-tinglingly so. And all her ideas and suggestions were extremely thought-provoking. ...But the best part of all was the ability to respond and continue the "conversation" process. It encouraged me to think more deeply about the cards drawn and to consider how this impacted on my original question. My thinking grew and evolved wonderfully over the three days and it was fantastic to be able to "talk" my ideas through with someone.
That is the kind of reading I like. Very down-to-earth advice. Thank you very much for the reading, Áine!